War of Flavours
March 27, 2018
March 27, 2018

Our housewives are the homemaker because they make any house into home by their love, care, emotions, and cultural norms etc. People change houses time to time but home is home which made by our housewives. Woman converts the house into home that’s why we refer them as the homemaker and not only housewives.

They work selflessly without any break 365 days a year and never demand any salary or other things. They have many responsibilities which includes cooking, cleaning, organizing the home, shopping grocery, clothes and other family needs, caring for children’s health, education, home works, playing with children, caring for elders, entertaining guests, planning for guests and holidays/celebrations, preparing a budget, discovering ways to use the household’s financial planning, making bill payments, caring pets & gardening etc.

We bought up in the society in which men are considered as the bread earners and support their family financially where as women as the house maker. They do house work such as preparing food, upbringing of children, clean home and taking care of rest of the things that’s why they are called housewives.

Even today, when there are many broad minded people our society still thinks that women should stay at home and do only house chores. Just because of this thinking many women are unable to go outside of their home but inflation is increasing on daily basis so men and women both have to do job to support their family properly.  That’s why plate101 empowering our women who cannot go outside of their home due to their different priorities to earn money from the comfort of their home and have financial freedom.

Plate101 will fulfill every women dream to earn their own money. Our application will improve our women self-esteem and make them confident enough. It’s an opportunity for every women to show their culinary skills through plat101 platform. Our woman is the foundation of our home because we know that they have so many responsibilities to do which are tough as well. That’s why plate101 is using their strength to make them hometrepreneur to work from home without any pressure and be their own boss.

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