March 27, 2018

Satisfaction and pleasure only comes from home. If we talk about the taking care of diet, health as well as about the hygienic food then mom is the only person who take good care of our diet. Now due to different purposes many people are living away from their homes and they are bound to eat unhealthy and unhygienic food from cheap restuarents. These people only knows the true value of home and home-made food.

Home-made food is healthy and cooked with proper hygiene. Our mother always take extra care of cleanliness to make her children healthy in every way. Home-made food always have positive effect on the body and there is lesser chances of getting fat. By eating home-made food one can easily save his or her money and time. Another positive point of home-made food is that it keeps the person strong from inside and especially if anyone is on diet.

People who mostly eat outside are more vulnerable to food poising and cholera because of lack of cleanliness. So treat your body with fresh and clean ingredients and sooth your mind by spending less by eating outside.

Plate101 is the application that is providing the solutions of all those problems which are mentioned above. Through this application people who are living away from their homes and different employees can order home-made food at any time of the day. These dishes are made from our housewives and any person can order anything which they are craving for at that time. This application is understanding the problems of those people who are bound to eat outside. Now they don’t have to worry about their health and wastage of money because Plate101 is delivering healthy, hygienic food at the cheapest rates.

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