Give Treat to Your Body with Ghar ka Bana Khana

March 8, 2018

Give Treat to Your Body with Ghar ka Bana Khana


Home cooked food is much better and healthier then the food available in restaurants. Homemade food is healthy because it is prepared with proper hygiene whereas at restaurants we are not sure about the quality of products.

Homemade foods are made from the natural ingredients and without any processed food. In comparison to this fast food or foods prepared in restaurants are through processed products, though it has taste but not healthy. Ingredients used in fast foods have large quantity of sugar, sodium and unhealthy fats.WHO also recommends to eat homemade food instead of eating processed foods.While a food being made in homes is cooked with full care and fresh ingredients. Unhealthy and unhygienic food is the main reason for food poising and other health related problems.

Mother is referred as the homemaker and every women whether she is a mom or housewife puts her extra effort to make her family members healthy and give them food with full nutrition. There are a lot of researches that shows that people who eat more homemade food are less prone to gain weight as homemade food contains a lot of fibers for good digestion.

We should balance our diet properly and save our money as well as our time. Homemade food gives you all these things along with the Fat, Protein, Carbohydrates, Minerals and Vitamins. All these things are equally important for everyone. In our balanced food, 50% should be fruits & vegetables, 25% should be protein & rich foods and the remaining 25% should be fiber rich carbohydrates.

We always listen one slogan that is “east or west home is best” and it has one true meaning in every sense especially in food. No matter how big you are or in which part of the world you always miss your home and homemade food that’s why Plate101 is the solution of this problem and bringing you homemade food at your door step from another mothers’ kitchen.



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